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Wedding Caterer in Green Bay & Northeast WI

Minzo's Kitchen is the most talked about wedding catering experience in Green Bay. They don't cook food and drop it off, they show up and cook food; on their 24 foot rotisserie smoking grill. 

A unique wedding experience

All food is slow cooked for hours and served fresh to your wedding guests. This is the experience that has so many talking, and your guests will remember for years to come. Truly a one of a kind experience with the largest wedding grill you will ever see.

  • Chicken like you've never had; slow cooked for hours and served fresh
  • Pulled Pork, pork butts slow smoked for 12 hours and, shredded on the spot and served fresh
  • Hand Carved Brisket- 12 hour slow smoked and hand carved on the spot
  • Prime Rib slow smoked for 5 hours and served fresh
  • Ribs slow smoked for hours and served fresh
  • Sausage, cheesy potatoes, coleslaw, cucumber salad, homemade beans, Mac n Cheese
  •  Vegetables, bread, everything you want for your wedding

Minzo's Kitchen wedding catering can handle smaller intimate affairs and weddings up to 500+. When it comes to weddings, they can handle everything you need. Contact us now or message us through our Facebook page


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